How to Convert ARMv7 Games to ARMv6

Hello Guys, Many bloggers and websites are providing ARMv7 games which works on the ARMv6 devices,in short they are converting Armv7 games to Armv6 and then they are sharing.
Still you don't know how to convert Armv7 games to Armv6 ? Still searching for it ?
Here i am giving a simplest and easiest step by step tutorial for converting Armv7 games to Armv6 by following this step anyone can convert android games.
Requirements for Converting ARMv7 Games to ARMv6 :
Procedure for Converting ARMv7 Games to ARMv6 :
Step 1 : Download the LIBS,Java Jre and APK manager from above links. (given in requirements)
Step 2 : Install 'Java Jre' & Extract 'APK' any where in your PC or Laptop.
Step 3 : You will get folders as the below screenshot after extracting 'APK'.
Step 4 : Then place APK file which you want to convert to armv6 in the folder named "place-apk-here-for-modding". (Selected on screenshot)
Step 5 : Then Open 'Script' file, you will see as below screenshot, Then press '9' For decompile APK.
Step 6 :Minimize script and then go to folder 'projects' and there you see the folder which has same name as your APK file.
Step 7 : Check The LIB version by opening "Projects>>GameName>>assets>>bin>>Data>>mainData" with wordpad or notepad as shown below screenshot. [Only 3.x.x version can be converted]
Step 8 : Now Delete 'armeabi-v7a' Folder and Place 'armeabi' or 'armeabi-vpf'  folder to assets>>libs>>armeabi-v7a, Then Delete lib(Gamename>>lib>>armeabi-v7a) folder and also replace it with correct version of 'armeabi' or 'armeabi-vpf'  folder.
Step 9 : Open script Compile & Sign APK with option '14', That's it You will get the signed APK which is Armv6.
If any help needed use below comment box i will solve your problems and doubts.

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