Kiwi Random Wallpaper


Kiwi Random Wallpaper is a small application that enables you to change your wallpapers regularly from a huge wallpaper database from the Internet. We have joined forces with, a big online wallpaper provider, to eliminate the need to surf online in search for an optimal picture.

All you need to do is select a wallpaper category (or all) and get a random picture for your desktop. You can even set an interval for the application to automatically change the wallpaper, style and desktop background color. Editing of wallpapers can be done with the build in image preview and edit: crop, rotate, flip, negative image, greyscale, set brightness, set contrast,...
  • Select from over 28,000 wallpapers
  • Many categories and subcategories, items searchable
  • Change the wallpaper automatically at a given interval and categorie
  • Can launch with the operating system
  • All downloaded wallpapers can be saved
  • Get pictures for your resolution or all resolutions
  • Select the wallpapers display style: scale, stretch, crop
  • Optional desktop background color change: average or dominant wallpaper color
  • Jpeg or Bitmap format for saved pictures
  • Update on new versions with one click
  • Edit wallpapers: crop, rotate, flip, negative image, greyscale, brightness, contrast
This product is Freeware